Backpack Zen

Backpack Zen

It is said that a Zen Master is at once individualistic and yet one with the world. Always calm, altruistic and wise beyond her years! Our line of fully personalizable backpacks strive to capture that mysticism of Zen - the individuality of its creator and her oneness with the world, at the same time.

Individually handcrafted, each backpack is quirky and unique, just as we are! No two Zen backpacks are ever the same.


Design Your Own

Fully personalized, custom printed and handmade to truly reflect the individuality of its creator is Zen for a backpack!

What is yours?

SKL Galaxy Blue Unisex
My Dream Come True
Bleed Blue Backpack
Forest Paradise Campground
How It Works?

The product images on the website capture everyday moments that would have been lost had they not been frozen on canvas forever - except, the backpacks stand-in for the person that designed them, capturing their everyday moments, telling the story in the voice of their creators. Show More.