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Zen is an oriental philosophy with origins in China and Japan that emphasizes mastery over oneself. Variously translated as Perfection, One-with-self or Great Emptiness, the Zen traces its origin several thousands of years.

A Zen Master is at once individualistic and yet one with the world. Always calm, altruistic and wise beyond her years.

Our line of fully personalizable backpacks strive to capture that mysticism of Zen - the individuality of its creator and her oneness with the world, at the same time.

Individually custom printed and handcrafted, each backpack is quirky and unique, telling their story in the voice of their creator! No two Zen backpacks are ever the same.

Making you a fully personalized backpack is Zen for us. What is your Zen?

Elements & Symbolism

The black in our logo stands for void, emptiness and impermanence. The red represents energy and life. The interwoven rings symbolize hope - life’s ability to regenerate and spring forth, no matter the circumstance and to continually evolve towards the better.

The symbol also resembles a hand gesture used in Zen meditation, that is said to hold a cryptic meaning to one of the eternal mysteries of life - one that could be lost in translation if told. But, one that is waiting to be discovered!

What is your Zen?

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