Photo Backpacks, Design Illustration to Backpack


What do the banner images mean?
Our backpacks tell their story in the voice of their creators. Individually custom printed and handmade, they are quirky and individualistic, just as we are! In the banner images, they stand-in for the people that designed them, capturing everyday moments that would have been forgotten, had they not been frozen on canvas forever.
Do I have to be a Zen Master to buy your backpack?
You are welcome to buy one and strive to become a Master later!
What does your brand signify?
Primarily, a sense of joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be here and now. We want it to convey peace, wisdom, the ability to be one with self and to take pride in every achievement big or small.
Can I personalize my backpack?
Every Zen backpack can be personalized and we hope that you add your personal touch before you buy. We also offer a DIY section, where you can design a backpack from scratch. Go ahead, express yourself!
Can I print over seams?

Yes, of course! Isn’t Zen all about expressing oneself fully?

You can fully customize the backpacks, print over seams or add your personalized image and text. When adding an image, select ALL as the panel, or choose the panels in the Apply To select box.

Are there any restrictions on the image I upload or the text I use?
Yes. As part of our Terms Of Service, you must only use images that you own, or are free or you have the copyright to. We discourage the use of profanity, any image or text that might generally be perceived as offensive or anything else that might violate the law. We reserves the right to refund & cancel an order if the content violates any copyright or may be deemed harmful or offensive.
Billing, Shipping & Returns
What countries do you ship to?
We presently ship only to the United States.
What payment methods do you support and when will I be billed?
We support all major credit and debit cards. You will be charged only after you have reviewed the final amount and click the "Pay Now and Place Order" button.
Is my transaction secure?
Yes. Your transaction will be processed through a secure payment gateway in USA, protected at all times with 256 Bit encryption. After the transaction is complete, we delete all sensitive card information and never store them on our servers.
Can I return/cancel my order?

Since each product is personalized, we are unable to accept returns or cancellation. However, if the product is damaged, we will replace it free of cost.

Since the technology for on-screen display and print are vastly different, there will always be variations in color and alignment from screen to actual product. Please contact customer care at if you have questions or concerns.

How long does it take to ship?
On an average, our free shipping takes 3 weeks and you can typically expect delivery in about 6 to 8 weeks from the time of placing an order. Please contact our customer care if you do not receive your product within that time.
My tracking number is not displaying any data, why?
Please allow USPS up to 24 hours to update the tracking information from the time of our email notifying you about shipping. If you are outside the United States, please try tracking the package through the website of your national carrier.
How can I contact customer support?
Please email
Why does my image appear larger (or smaller) on the bag?
The size of your image on the model accurately reflects the size it will have upon printing at the required resolution. You should place a smaller (or larger) image if the in-built scaling is not sufficient for your needs. If you upload vector files (.ai or .pdf), you can choose to have them automatically scaled to fit the entire bag.
My image appears blurred on the model. Will it be pixelated in print?
On-screen images on the model are lower-resolution pictures of the images you have uploaded and may look a little blurry on Zoom. For printing, we use the original images. Our design tool will typically prompt you with a warning message if the design may end up being pixelated in print.
My .ai file shows text instead of image. Why?

If we are unable to convert the .ai, file, an error message is printed in its place. Please check to make sure that your .ai file is not corrupted and is saved with the "PDF Compatible" option enabled.

You can open the .ai file in Adobe Illustrator to make sure the file is correct and to ensure that it is saved with the "PDF Compatible" option checked. If all else fails, export it as PNG or JPG and upload it.

How do I upload logos?
Upload them as PNG with transparent background or as AI, PDF or SVG.
Can I use the product configurator on iOS/Android?
Yes, of course! On the mobile versions, you can take a picture and upload the photo directly to the backpack.
Fabric Prints & Colors
Will my colors be different on screen and print?
For most practical purposes, the design on screen and print should match within reason. Please note that you are viewing everything in RGB and all printing is in CMYK. The monitor is an active light source, your printed material is not. CMYK is also a “reduced colorspace” compared to RGB, which means there are colors that you can see on a monitor which can never be printed and vice-versa. So, colors on screen and print will vary based on many factors including the fabric, its texture and the type of ink. If you are designer, please read below for some tips & tricks that will help you color match.
My blues are turning purple.
Set colors in CMYK and to ensure your blue colors don’t turn purple, the values between Cyan and Magenta should be 30 points or more apart. If the cyan and magenta values are too close together blues may turn purple — even if it looks correct on your computer screen.
My gray has a green/blue/yellow hue when printed.
To create a pure shade of gray, just use the K value in CMYK and use 0 for CMY values. If you alter CMY values, the black shade may have green, red, blue or a yellowish hue.