Guide to Customization 

Ready to design your first one-of-a-kind piece of clothing or accessory? Use our handy Customization Guide to walk you through the process!

Getting Started

Select an item from the product menu. From there, you'll be taken to the "design your own" page for a closer look at your selected item. Press “Customize & Buy” to be taken to the 3D design tool.

Artwork Tabs

Uploading Art

Once in the 3D design tool, upload your art with the "add artwork" button. Your art can be created in a number of ways, including: Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, Adobe Illustrator, a photograph, or a picture of something you’ve drawn or painted. We suggest uploading art in a large size and with a 300 pixels/inch ratio to ensure high clarity.

MyWear - Uploading Art
Use the Artwork Panel to upload images. Select a layer to Scale, Rotate or Move the artwork. Use the Layer UP/DOWN buttons to change layer order. To set a logo, use PNG and overlay it on top of other layers.

Auto Fit

When your art first appears on your product, in some cases it will not fit the entire piece. Use the “Auto Fit” button to automatically fill your entire design.

Apply Image To

If you only want to apply art to specific sections of your design, use the “Apply Image To” dropdown to add art to desired panels, or uncheck components where you don’t want your art to be applied.

Scaling and Moving Art

To make your art appear on a larger scale, use the plus sign. To scale smaller, use the minus option. The arrows will align art further to the left or right, or higher or lower. The small center button will make your arrows move in smaller increments.

Color Tab

Applying Color

To apply solid color, go to the color tab and select the component you’d like to apply color to. Click the color box and use the dropper to choose the color you’d like to apply to the selected section, either using our color tool bar, color wheel, your art, or by entering a color hex code.

MyWear - Apply Color
Use the Color Panel to set colors, show or hide artwork or mirror front's image on to back.

Text Tab

Adding Text

Use the text tab to add text to your design. Enter desired text in textbox to display on the product. Select a font and size using the dropdowns. Use the arrows to move text to desired location.

MyWear - Add Text
The Text panel allows you to add your own text. You can add multiple lines of text (depending on the product, anywhere from 1 to 5 lines) and select the font style, size and color. If you have selected a library image or uploaded your own artwork, they will be displayed in the color picker area, so you can easily pick a color off of it!

Finishing Up

When finished with your design, double check to make sure art is covering the entire piece.

Select "Add To Cart" in bottom to be taken to checkout.